Yeast infection symptoms in males and females

Women experience yeast infection symptoms more often than men. The most common type of yeast infection is candidiasis. Candida is a common organism on our bodies that is usually harmless but occasionally causes infection. Candida as the cause of yeast infection symptoms Candida is a type of fungus that occurs naturally in the body, particularly […]

Mold removal and remediation techniques

Mold removal and remediation techniques have been developed for use where there is extensive mold growth inside an occupied building. Mold growth in homes and offices is unacceptable since it poses a health risk to occupants. Current mold removal and remediation guidelines recommend that all visually moldy porous materials that cannot be easily cleaned be […]

Sampling For Mold Growth On Surfaces

Mold growth in homes Mold growth is very common in damp building environments. During building assessment for mold growth, sampling is sometimes necessary. For example air sampling may be performed to determine whether visible mold growth has degraded indoor air quality. Air sampling may also help to determine the presence, location, and/or extent of suspected […]